The Process & Price

Without the right online systems 360 degree feedback can be a laborious and time consuming process. But now feedback360 gives you instant access to one of the best and most user friendly 360 appraisal systems around. Instantly. Online. And available 24 hours a day.
The 360° User Guide (available here) explains how to get started whether you are;

  • A manager controlling the feedback 360° process for a number of appraisees.
  • An appraisee involved in the 360°process.
  • A respondent to an appraisee undergoing a 360° appraisal.
  • An individual doing an independent 360° appraisal.

The 360° Feedback Report (sample report available here) demonstrates the comprehensive form in which the feedback is given. Note that there are seven job profile alternatives preloaded, each of which has a different Competency Framework, and the feedback report specifies under which profile the feedback is being provided.
Your Appraisal 360° Workbook (available here) is a complete guide to enable you to get the best from your 360° feedback and to develop an actionable Performance Improvement Plan. You should read his workbook before you begin the process as it explains in detail;

  • How to choose your respondents.
  • How to choose your competencies.
  • How to compile your questionnaire.
  • How to invite responses.
  • How to review progress.
  • How to receive your report.

The online process…

Step 1.

Choose from a range of ready to go worksets designed to suit most job profiles, or we can upload your own (additional charges apply)

Middle Managers - 360 degree feedback questionnaire Salesmanship - 360 degree appraisal questions Directors and Business Leaders 360 feedback competency framework Senior Professional 360 degree review
Team Leaders 360 feedback Emotional Intelligence at work multi-rater feedback Diversity at Work - 360 review Your Own Profile - 360 review

Step 2.

Sign-up. No software to install or download - just standard email and internet access

Step 3.

Pay & Go - just pay for the Worksheets you need. The User Guide and Workbook are free.

Step 4.

Uses online web technology so the appraisal process is completely automated and paper free.
Account setup is FREE - with no hidden charges.
Prices start from just $220 (ex GST)!

Our prices are a lot less than you might think. We charge per assessment (or workset) with no hidden costs. A workset includes everything you need to complete a 360° assessment including;

  • Questionnaires for the appraisee with as many respondents as you wish to choose.
  • The 360° User Guide.
  • The 360° Feedback Report.
  • Your Appraisal 360° Workbook.
  • Your FREE Account setup.






$395.00 + GST



$295.00 + GST



$220.00 +GST

To order your worksets please contact an Appraisal360 Accredited Practitioner or email