Why 360° Feedback?

Without feedback nothing changes. To improve we need to constantly monitor results and make adjustments to what we do and the way we do it if we are to see positive change. It doesn’t matter if we are collecting debts or selling widgets feedback is the essential element in Performance Improvement Planning.

Why 360° Feedback?

Too often we see appraisal systems set up as a boxing match! You score your self against criteria, I score you and then we set up a boxing match to determine who's got the right score.

If my income is going to depend on the outcome of the appraisal of course I'm going to argue for the highest possible rating. However, if the outcome of the appraisal is a Performance Improvement Plan and my income depends largely on how well I improve my performance as a result of implementing that plan the outcome is likely to be very different.

The best plans source information from all available sources that's why 360° feedback works.

Research shows that retention rates significantly increase for employees who regularly receive high-quality feedback and who have developed Performance Improvement Plans as a result.